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Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! I look forward to capturing photos just days after their arrival which will remain cherished memories for your family. Remember, for newborn sessions, it is crucial that we photograph within two weeks of baby’s safe arrival. Please do let me know if your baby arrives early or late as we may need to adjust the date slightly.

Top Floor, 3 Stevenson Square, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1DN

Car • Travelling on Great Ancoats Street (Ring Road A665)
- Just past the junction at the Frog & Bucket, at the Urban Jungle Exotic Pet Store, turn left onto Tib Street
- At the end of Tib Street, you'll see an NCP muti-story car park M4 1PD
Exiting here, go straight onto Hilton Street and you'll reach Stevenson Square in less than two minutes.
The studio is above Slice Pizza / Eastern Bloc Records, the entrance is the black door next to Chai Latte.

Train • You can walk to the studio from both Piccadilly and Victoria stations in 10 minutes.

Tram • The nearest tram stops are Piccadilly Gardens or Market Street, both are 5 minutes walk away from the studio.


After capturing a range of beautiful images, the last hour or so of your session will be dedicated to viewing and purchasing your favourite images. We have a dedicated viewing area in the studio where you’ll be able to admire the products and packages that are available.

Please now take time to think of your preferred package / products or the number of images, as this will help me to plan your photographs. Full details of pricing and packages are available to view online


Newborn sessions are very unique in many ways, below you will find an explanation of how best to prepare, what to expect, and your role in during the photo session.

• Do not let your baby nap immediately before the session. I have had some clients come in and say “Oh they were sleeping so well this morning, I wonder what’s wrong? They aren’t normally like this.” Even the best sleepers tend to get fussy due to the constant touching and movement required for posing, so keeping them awake beforehand helps achieve a deeper level of sleep. The session is very different from a typical day in the life of a baby. You should try and keep your baby up at least 2 hours before the session (if not longer) so that when we begin, they are ready for their nap.

• Dress your baby in something easy to remove, nothing that needs to go over the head. I immediately begin posing if they are asleep. Once you arrive, I assume the care of your baby until they need feeding. I do all of the soothing so that you can relax on the couch. Be sure to have something to pass the time; magazine, book, iPad…or feel free to catch a quick nap. ;)

• However you choose to feed your baby, make sure their bellies are full when you arrive so that we can begin immediately. If you have a long commute it may be better to wait until you arrive to feed, if possible. Getting that nice, big feeding in the beginning is crucial to having the rest of the session go well. Some babies will require another feeding in about an hour so we will feed your baby again to get them nice and calm for the rest of the session. Keep in mind that your baby may need an extra feeding during the session because we are asking a lot of them and frequently, but minimally, disturbing them in their sleep. Make sure if you are bottle feeding, that you have extra formula just in case. Bring a pacifier. Even if baby does not take one, it can help with soothing for even a few seconds, just enough needed to get them relaxed into the pose.

• I have plenty of props, hats and headbands for the session. You can supply a keepsake if you desire but I will prepare a selection for you on the day.

• Things to note: Please don’t have additional people to the session who are not being photographed; Props are an addition to the session and not the main focus (and some props that parents have might not work with a newborn). If you have something specific in mind as far as a setup, please discuss this with me before the session. I will be happy to give my input on whether or not it’s safe or will work for your portrait session.

• Finally, let me know of any medical conditions or birthing complications before the session. During birth, things happen that I will need to know about (ie. dislocated shoulder) in order to pose baby safely. If your baby is sick or has recently required oxygen, I will need to know that as well. We may opt to reschedule the session at a later date outside of the two-week window. Health issues always trump my age requirement. Remember that I am here to provide you with beautiful, quality images of your newborn. I want you to feel confident in your decision to hire me.

I suggest dressing in layers if it is a cool day so you can peel away the layers as you get warm. If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session, please let me know so I may plan accordingly. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
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